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[VID]Creating Groups.mp42020-06-15 20:57 3.6M 
[VID]Print Pie Charts.mp42020-06-15 20:57 4.0M 
[VID]Adding A Student.mov2020-06-15 20:57 6.3M 
[VID]View Untested Students.mov2020-06-15 20:57 9.7M 
[VID]Test Explorer and Managed Testing.mp42020-06-15 20:57 10M 
[VID]Navigation Menu.mov2020-06-15 20:57 12M 
[VID]Parent Conferencer.mov2020-06-15 20:57 16M 
[VID]Bar Graphs Analysis.mov2020-06-15 20:57 18M 
[VID]Testing a Student.mov2020-06-15 20:57 20M 
[VID]Class Totals Report.mov2020-06-15 20:57 20M 
[VID]Test Results Letter.mov2020-06-15 20:57 27M 

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