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Frog Street Digital Teacher Guide Concept
This Way To Pre-K! - Camino a Pre-Kinder!

Program Materials for the Week

Items Used Every Day

My School and Me • Mi escuela y yo Teacher Guide, Fanny Frog puppet, magnetic letters, pocket chart, letter cards A through Z

Small and Big Books

This Way to Pre-K • Camino a Pre-Kinder, Fanny Frog’s Fantastic Poems and Rhymes

Story Folder

“I Like School” • “Me gusta la escuela”


Dr. Jean on Frog Street, Moving to Math, Camino a las Matemáticas, Songs of Learning Fun • Canciones para aprender con diversión, Leaping Literacy, Small Book Listening, Feelin’ Froggy, Songs of You and Me • Canciones de ti y de mí, Family Connections, Patterns

Vocabulary Cards

school • escuela, classroom • salón de clase, bus • autobús, flag • bandera

Rebus Posters

How to Wash Your Hands • Cómo debes lavarte las manos, Pledge to the Flag • Cómo decir el juramento a la bandera, How to Care for Books • Cómo cuidar los libros

Sequence Cards

Daily Schedule, Off to School

Photo Activity Cards


This Way to PreK! introduces children to the school environment, routines, and class schedules. Children also meet new friends—school personnel and classmates.

Word of the Week

routine, rutina

Focus for the Week

Character Education:
Respect • Respeto
Responsibility • Responsabilidad

Literacy: Oral Language

Letter Knowledge: Letters in Child’s Name, Alphabet

Math: Listening, Attributes

Greeting Circle


Sing “Rise and Shine” • “¡Arriba con alegría!”. Tell children that today they will be learning about the classroom.

Disengage the stress response

  • Demonstrate the S.T.A.R. breathing strategy for calming down when you get frustrated or upset. Smile . . . Take a deep breath . . . And . . . Relax.
  • Practice S.T.A.R. with children several times.



  • Discuss job descriptions for classroom responsibility. Tell children that the teacher’s job is to keep them safe, but that they also have a big responsibility. Their job is to help keep the classroom safe. Say: My job is to keep the classroom safe. Mi obligación es que el salón de clase sea un lugar seguro. Your job is to help keep the classroom safe. La obligación de ustedes es ayudar a que el salón de clase sea un lugar seguro.
  • Ask children if they are willing to commit to doing this. Explain to children that a commitment is like a promise • promesa—a promise to do your best. Provide small photos or name cards for each child to place in a Commitment Box. Tell them that placing their photos or name cards in the box symbolizes their commitment to help keep the classroom safe.

Moving and Learning

  • Invite children to participate in a listening song. Tell them they will move their hands as directed by the lyrics of “Hands and Fingers” • “Manos y dedos”.
  • Demonstrate staying within your own space and look around to see if others have enough space. This shows respect for your neighbor’s space. Ask children to look around to see if they are helping to keep their classmates safe. Remind children that they are responsible for listening.

Learning Goals

  • Assumes various roles and responsibilities as part of a classroom community I.C.2.
  • Participates in classroom music activities VIII.B.1.

Head Start

  • Helps, shares, and cooperates in a group
  • Follows simple rules, routines, and directions


nice wordspalabras amables
disengage the stress responserespuesta al estrés o a la tensión
connectcomunicarse, conectarse

Read-Aloud Time

This Way to Pre-K • Camino a Pre-Kinder

  • Display the book. Read the title. Discuss the cover illustrations. Take a picture walk through the book. Invite children to make comments. Encourage children to discuss each picture. Discuss and give examples of the target vocabulary.
  • Point out the school personnel at the back of the book. Explain that school personnel are the people who help take care of the school (the librarian, cook, nurse, and principal), and that later in the week the class will be visiting these different school helpers.

This Way to Pre-K • Camino a Pre-Kinder

  • Display the book. Read the title and author. Ask a volunteer to remind the class of the pictures they looked at earlier.
  • Read the book.
  • After reading the book, ask questions: How is the classroom in the book like our classroom? ¿En qué se parece el salón de clase del libro a nuestro salón de clase? How is it different? ¿En qué se diferencian?
  • Point to and name things in the classroom that are in the book and other things in the classroom that aren’t in the book.

Learning Goals

  • Shows understanding by responding appropriately II.A.1.
  • Uses information learned from books by describing, relating, categorizing, or comparing and contrasting III.D. 2.
  • Retells or reenacts a story after it is read aloud II.D.1.

Head Start

  • Attends to language during conversations, songs, stories, or other learning experiences
  • Classifies, compares, and contrasts objects, events, and experiences



school personnelpersonal de la escuela


classroomsalón de clase

Rise and Shine

Dr. Jean

Tune: “Rise and Shine”
Rise and shine and welcome to school today.
Rise and shine and welcome to school today.
Rise...and shine...and welcome to school today.
We’re so glad you’re here.

Name, Name

Name, name,
What's your name? (Child answers)
I've got a name
And you've got a name
What's your name? (Everyone says the child's name.)

Nombre, nombre

Nombre, nombre,
¿cuál es tu nombre?
(el niño responde)
Yo tengo mi nombre
y tú tienes tu nombre
¿Cuál es tu nombre? (todos dicen el nombre del niño o la niña)

Magic Pointer

Cut a palm-size star from blue poster board. Use tape to attach the star to a long drinking straw or to the cardboard tube from a coat hanger. Add glitter to the star for a little extra magic or use your imagination to give it some zing!

Hands and Fingers

Pam Schiller
Tune: “Michael Finnigan”
Hands up, hands down,
Hands twirling round and round.
Fingers up and fingers down,
Fingers dancing on the ground.

Dance your fingers through the air,
On your knees and in your hair.
Dance your fingers here and there,
Dance your fingers everywhere.

Hide your hands between your knees,
Fly them out like buzzing bees.
Behind your back, one, two, three,
Where, oh where can your fingers be?

Bring those fingers back in sight,
Fly them left and fly them right.
Around and around and around they go,
Now place them in your lap just so.